• On the laptop where Kick sees Brad's video, there is a logo of a bitten pear which is a parody of the Apple logo.
  • When the people are watching the video, the video streamer resembles YouTube.
  • Kick seems to call his bloopers or mess-ups "beefs"
  • Strangely, even when Brad is sitting in his seat in front of his computer in his room, he can plan, film and serve the pie-in-the-face to Kick who seems to be in an apartment.
  • Gunther states that he has never seen Kick flinch before.
  • In the crowd running to Skidzeez, you can see a man with a red "K" painted onto his chest.


  • How does Brad know what Kick is going to do everytime?
  • One of the comments is being commented by one of Kelly's friends from "Love Stinks!", but she hates him.
  • When Gunther touches the joy buzzer, he isn't shocked.
  • After Brad says "You've been Brad'd", he "punches" the screen with his left hand, but when the "Brad'd" logo appears the logo's fist background is actually his right hand.
  • How can Brad push Kick's bed to the cliff if Kick states that Brad has "long arms and an embarrassing lack of arm strength"?
  • When Brad cuts the clothes line, the clothes seem to land on their bottoms, they do not seem to fall correctly.

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