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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Voice Cast (If Only) - Charlie Schlatter/Will Friedle (Kick Buttowski), Linda Cardellini (Julie Trenton), Emily Osment/Mae Whitman (Kendall Perkins), Matt Jones (Gunther Magnuson), Eric Bauza (Mr. Wang), Simon Helberg (Ronaldo), Hyden Walch (Lucy Penkinson), Kath Soucie (Haley Trenton and Nurse Trenton), Phil LaMarr (Michael and Antonio DiPazzi) Maria Bamford (Jackie Wackerman), Richard Steven Horvitz (Mouth)

    Note: Here's ROMANCING THE STONE with Kick, Kendall and Julie! Enjoy!


    Early afternoon in Mellowbrook Elementary School in the auditorium: rehearsing the play of Romeo and Juiet, with Ronaldo and Kendall Perkins playing the title roles, something that pissed not only Kick but also a few more people Kick Buttowski knows very w…

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Honey: "You boys are always get into trouble."
    Brad: "It's not my fault the dillweed won't stay still."
    Kick: "Wrong, it's your fault for watching those Tankini magizines!"
    Brad: "Well, maybe it's better you never been born!"
    Honey/Harold: "BRADLEY!!"
    Kick and Brad have never been close but those words pierced through Kick's heart.
    Kick: "You know, I sometimes I feel the same thing."

    Kick left the house in to The Gully. Honey, furious, slapped Brad hard, it broke his collard bone.

    Honey: "If you say that one more time, Bradley, and you'll regret you'll ever been born yourself."
    Kick was in the park leaning on his tree. Thinking how much of a black sheep he is to his family when someone spotted him.
    Haley: "Hi, Kick."
    Kick turned to see his second win…

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Kick Buttowski wakes up in a living room in a a house similar to his families' house with Brad, with both of them having hands in chains. The figure comes closer to the two, with thundering and lightning making the figure intimdiating. The figure reveals to be Julie Trenton, the most well-known gamer in Mellowbrook and also Kendall Perkins' best friend.

    "This is the end of my end of my game," Julie says to Kick and Brad while showing the board game Nightmare, "But the beginning of your nightmares!"

    "Get us out of these chains, Julie!" Kick complains. "It's not funny!"

    "Yeah", Brad agrees, "what's the big idea?"

    "Oh, you probably forgot." Julie informs to the two Buttowski brothers. "Your mom asks me to babysit you guys."

    "Ah, biscuits."

    "I hope …

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    He has been thinking about this ever since a few months ago. And after what stupid things he did to her, he wouldn't be surprised. She was getting her payback. After all they've been through together. Him kissing her in the cinema, them being paired up to dance in the class completion, their hands stuck together they bond and blushed. He remembered those good times, especially when what happened a few days ago.

    Kendall Perkins was ignoring Kick Buttowski, not just ignoring him, but actually acting he doesn't exist in her life, like everything they do, whether good or bad doesn't matter to her. At first Kick couldn't figure out why she did and was happily content but when he realized that she was paying him back for his stupid plans, like hi…

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Clarence Francis "Kick" Buttowski and Kendall Celeste Rose Perkins

    Why Do I Ship Kindall (Kick/Kendall) and why they should be together?

    In the simple case Opposites attract, and I enjoy some couple of that topic like Alejandro and Heather from Total Drama or Duncan and Courtney from TDI, and Kick and Kendall is definitely no exception.

    Kick and Kendall may fight like cats and dogs but they have shown a liking for one another even though they hadn't picked up on it yet. Awesomeness and Elegance can work together work the greater good.

    An example can be found in the episode "Hand in Hand" when they got their hands stuck together. When the notion of everyone they knew thinking that they were Boyfriend and Girlfriend crossed their mind Kick Barel…

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