• This episode marks the first appearance of Penelope Patterson, Brianna's pageant rival and a recurring background character in the series.
  • Strangely the helmet in the museum is a different helmet though in "Exposed", Kick says that the helmet he is wearing has never left his head.
  • This episode reveals that Kick has been performing stunts since he was a baby.


  • It's unclear as to why Gunther didn't alert Kick that Brianna took his Trike X-5. Perhaps Gunther was too distracted by Kick's backstory.
  • A kid taking the tour says that a girl in pink came in and took it, but Brianna is wearing purple, with the exception of her shirt, which is pink.
  • The camera shakes as Kick crashes his head with the wall.
  • When Brianna is avoiding the man with the dog, she appears to be driving the Trike X-5 on a sidewalk even though she's on the road.
  • The man and the dog from "Battle For The Snax" reappear, but in this episode, the man has a different dog from that episode.
  • When the camera closes in on Kick after trying to pull Brianna's arm, the background behind him is the sky even though he's passing houses and trees.
    • This also happens in Brianna's close-up too.
  • When Gunther tells Kick that Brianna's coming, he doesn't have the beard on. But when he yells "Brianna" he has his beard on.
  • If you see closely after Kick passes the "Spray Tan", his skin is not tanned until he passes the wigs.
  • The mark Kick leaves on the mirror is red, but his lips are hot pink.

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