• The title is a spoof on the band, There Will Be Blood.
  • Kick and Brad's backpacks are shown to be exactly the same.
  • If you look closely at the girl's phone when she says she got all of Kick's stunt on video, all you can see is Brad running.
  • When Brad falls in the open manhole, he ends up in Mr. Vickle's hot tub, however the chances of Brad even being able to fit into a drain that small are almost non-existent.
  • This is the first episode that shows Kick teaming up with a rival/nemesis (Brad in this case).


  • After Brianna clicks her finger, the window goes up but she doesn't press the window up button. However, the car could have a system that closes all the car windows.
  • When the window goes up, Brianna is shown to be a shadow. But in the next scene, she is visible as a character.
  • The nachos' package is labeled "Mega Chips" as you can see when two guys take nachos out of it, but at the end, Gunther yells that there are not nachos but Brad gave two guys packages labeled "Mega Chips" and "Dog Food" so why Gunther yells that if there are nachos.
    • Also, the Mega Chips package is seen again in "Abandon Friendship!" but Kick yells at the fake Gunther to drop the potatoes even though they are nachos, not potatoes.
  • Brad is speaking Spanish to American People, first he yells "Caliente!" when he eats a nacho, then when he opens the door he says "Welcome to Casa de...Kick?" and finally when people look at him because there are not nachos he says "No Problema, I'll just run to the store" so how can the people understand him?
  • When Kick yells "Party" his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Brad opens the backyard doors, the nachos are on plates. But in the next scene, they are in a package.
  • Before Kick takes the nachos, the cheese and the soda, a guy has the nachos on his hands. But Kick takes them from a table in the next scene. However, Brad could've bought 2 bags of nachos.
  • Brad doesn't put a CD in the CD player, but the player plays music when Brad turns it on. However, Brad could've just put on the radio.
  • How can Kick fit in a bowl?
  • Towards the end, when Brad says "No, Problema, I'll just run to the store" the girl beside him doesn't have a mouth.

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