• In this episode, Jackie strangely reveals that she had a monkey tail removed.
  • In this episode, Jackie's collection of photos of Kick is revealed (all coming in various poses).
  • In this episode, it is shown that when she is enraged, Jackie can show amazing strength and amazing speed, which highly resembles The Hulk (Kick calls this "Wacky Strength").
  • Jackie is shown much more wacky in this episode than in previous episodes (like Sold!) like how she angrily refused to give Kick the photo.


  • If you see when the Wackerman's house is shown, it is actually the Buttowski's house flipped.
  • When Jackie covers the birdcage, the blanket overlaps the holder to cover all the birdcage.
  • In some scenes one part of Jackie's hair disappears.
  • One book of pictures is labeled "Birthdays" but this is impossible because in "Obsession For Kick", Jackie is new to the neighborhood so she could not have taken pictures of Kick's birthdays (or maybe Jackie keeps an empty album for future pictures).