• The outfit Gunther gives to Kick is similar to Homer and Marge when they were naked in The Simpsons Bible Stories.


  • When Gunther calms down as Kick tells him that he's not going to become a fish gutter, part of Gunther's cap disappears for a few seconds.
  • When Billy Stumps is talking to Kick on the cellphone, he is on the motor then in the truck and finally on the truck. It would be impossible for him to change places that fast.
  • When Billy's monster truck motor sneezes, Billy gets covered in black dust. But in the next shot, he is spotless.
  • The skateboard's wheels are red, but when Kick notices that the wheels are finished, the wheels are black.
  • When Kick falls on the sidewalk before he realises that the wheels are finished, you can see that he is laying on the floor. But in the next scene he is standing up which means that the film was cut.

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