Kick- "Fine. Then i'll just tell Dad myself."

Brianna- (in Kick's mind) "I'LL MAKE SURE THAT YOU'LL NEVER DO STUNTS AGAIN!!!!"

Brad- "HAHAHAHA!! HAHAHAHA!! (closes the door) Ow! I slammed the door on myself! Yeah, Brad!"

Kick- "ENOUGH!! Brad didn't break the air conditioner. (Brianna is angry) It was me. I broke it!" (Brad and Brianna gasp)

Harold- "Wait, what!?"

Brad- "You? You?! YOU!? THE BETRAYAL, IT BURNS!!!!! So, what's it gonna be dad, huh? Lock him in the basement 'til he's 30? Let him out to use the bathroom once a year on his birthday? Maybe take off his helmet and see what's UNDER THERE!"

Brianna- "Well, this is the last of it. (throws her stuff at the top of the bus) See you boys at the end of summer! Whoa! Be careful, driver! My life is up there!"

Kick- "Nothing ever happens to Brianna." (the banana peel on the road slips the bus, making all of her stuff slide in the jaws of the alligator from A Cousin Kyle Christmas. The bus continues to drive)

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