• The episode title is Snowpocalypse!, but many people confuse it with Snowpolcalypse!
  • For the second season intro, there is a deleted scene of Kick skating on the snow ramps.
  • The place where the bus lands is the gully from "Kicked Out".


  • When Kick squashes the alarm clock, he is in his underwear. But when he looks out of the window, he is in his trademark outfit.
  • On the reflection in the window, there is a house in front of it. But when the outside scene is shown, there are snow ramps in front of the Buttowski's house.
  • When Gunther says "This is beautiful" Kick has a shovel in his hand. But in the next scene, the shovel is gone.
  • The weather reporter says "The entire planet is covered in snow" which is incorrect because in some countries it doesn't snow.
  • Power lines wouldn't be able to support the weight of a school bus.
  • In the second close-up of the traffic light, the yellow light never illuminates.
  • In the first flashback scene of the Food 'n' Fix, Wade's tow truck doesn't have a hook. But when Wade tries to pull the car, the hook appears on the tow truck arm.
    • Also, in that first scene of the flashback, Wade's tow truck was attached to the car, not to the building.
  • If the tow truck was pulling some part of the wall of the building, then piece of the wall should've been taken off.
  • Gunther has his cap on when he gets off the bus, but when he shakes himself the cap disappears. After the flashback he has his cap again.
  • The second time Kick and Gunther slide on the ice slide, the snow on the bus from the first time they slide vanishes.
  • The bus isn't damaged when it falls into the gully or when the snowball hits it.

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