"I don't like you Buttowski, but nobody messes with my pretzel rods!" ("Frame Story")

"Okay, so you know the secret identity of "The Dark One". Doesn't mean you're gonna fail any less!" ("Stand and Delivery")

"You need to have the science on your side." ("Faceplant!")

"Hurry up Buttowski, my hamstrings are super tight!" ("Gym Dandy")

"It's a scientific fact that no one who goes in that place ever comes out. Ever!. EVER!!!" ("Kick or Treat")

"Yaaay! Wasn't that fun!? I could really get used to this..." ("Power Play")

  • DiPazzi Twins - "Hey! This is our game, beat it RonalDork!"
  • Ronaldo - "Sorry DiPoopzzis, it's my turn."
  • DiPazzi Twins - "Prepare to be pulverised Punk!" ("Power Play")

"Row, Row, Row your boat." ("Big Mouth")

"I will not be upstaged by a horse!" ("Big Mouth")


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