The Ronaldo-Kendall Relationship (a.k.a Rendall, or Kenaldo)
is first established in Frame Story. It consists of Ronaldo and Kendall Perkins.

Season 1

"Frame Story"

  • Ronaldo is about to read a poem to Kendall about his love towards her, but after he says it is written in only ones and zeros, Kendall calls him the "worst secret boyfriend ever."

Season 2

"Stand and Delivery"

  • Ronaldo wants to give Kendall a romantic dinner.
  • Kendall thinks Ronaldo made ​​a wooden statue of her.


  • Kendall wants Ronaldo to be more awesome.
  • Ronaldo wants to please Kendall, but he doesn't know how.
  • When Ronaldo performs a stunt and crashes into the sign, Kendall looks and rejoices.
  • Kendall goes to the hospital with Ronaldo.

"Hand in Hand"

  • Kendall is collecting sap for Ronaldo's birthday.
  • When Ronaldo calls Kendall, he says he's excited to see his darling.
  • When Kick throws the cat at Ronaldo, Kendall said: "My poor Ronaldo".
  • Kendall and Ronaldo had planned to have a romantic dinner for Ronaldo's birthday, but Kick has to come along as well due to his and Ronaldo's hands being stuck together.


  • When Kendall walks in the detention room, Ronaldo is the one most worried about her.
  • Kendall joins the group because her boyfriend joins.
  • Ronaldo asks his darling "why she was in detention?".

"Kick or Treat"

  • Ronaldo is the only person who likes Kendall's report.
  • He's the only one who doesn't join Kick at the Van Der Deth Halloween party and stays with Kendall.

"Power Play"

  • Both of them play the title roles in "Romeo and Juliet".

"Poll Position"

  • Ronaldo votes for Kendall, but after he votes for Gunther.

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