• Running gags in this episode consist of people asking Kick where he gets stuff used in his stunts, along with Gunther looking up stuff in the dictionary.
  • A comment by Kick reveals he once taught a dog how to fly, most likely in an airplane.
  • This episode marks the only time that Kick's middle name, "Francis" is mentioned.
  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Kendall's cat, Hansel.
  • Gunther's famous (but failed) video on Rank of Awesome is probably a parody of the Star Wars Kid.
  • The short description for this episode says "Kick competes with Kendall for the number one video on the Internet" however Kick and Kendall don't actually compete against each other since Kick is only after the top spot on "Rank of Awesome" while Kendall only makes a video to prove to Kick that she can make an awesome video.
  • Kendall's and Kick's videos being so popular from having cats in them is a joke about how popular cat videos are on YouTube.
  • During the scene where Kick's stunt is at the rank of #12067, a digitized Wilhelm scream is heard when the old lady passes out.