• Innuendo: Kick pulls down Brad's swim pants and Shannon sees Brad's "private part".
  • On the title card, the pool being made up of letters is a reference to WordWorld.
  • The way Brad bowls is similar to Fred Flintstone in the series The Flintstones.


  • In the first scene of the pool, no one is seen on the lifeguard high chair. But in the next scene, the male lifeguard comes down from the high chair.
  • In real life, any lifeguard would let anyone jump from a diving board.
  • Before Brad sprays the coconut sunscream, Kick is in his human form. But when Brad starts to bowling, Kick is in his ball form.
  • It would be impossible for Kick's hands to go through the metal fence.
  • When Kick and Gunther run to the pool the second time, the coconut sunscream disappears from them.
  • After the kiddie pool is put under lockdown by Brad, Kendall's pink headband disappears and reappears several times.
  • This episode reveals that Oskar is at least 10 years old meaning he's 70 in dog years (which Brad mistakenly thinks is 517)

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