Brad- "Now listen up, dilweed! I'm the Assistant Associate Junior Lifeguard in Training with a hot boss named Shannon. If I do what she wants, maybe she'll do what the Brad wants! I already got most of her phone number."

Kick- "Which part?"

Brad- "The area code, SO DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME!!!"

Brad- "Nice try, dillweed! No kids in the pool!"

Kick- "Why?!"

Brad- "Because it's... (blows whistle) SENIOR CITIZEN SWIM!!!"

Kick- "FREE SWIM!!"

Brad- "This. Ends. Now!!!"

Kick and Gunther- "This is gonna be awesome!"

Brad- "We are gonna die!"

Shannon- (after shift is over) "Oh, my shift's over! Hey, second shift! You're up!"

Papercut Peterson- Hello!

Brad- "Wait! What?"

Papercut Peterson- "Don't worry, man! I'm a trained professiona-nal. (Prepares mouth-to-mouth)

Brad- "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"