Kick- "It kills me to say this, but you really are the queen of babysitters. And now I know how you and your sister must've felt. We didn't oust our babysitter; the Buttowski Brothers failed. Things will never be the same with me and my brother."

Brad- "Oh, dillweed. It's all my fault. If I wasn't so weak, if I hadn't caved, we'd still have a perfect record; no babysitter could say she bested the Buttowski Brothers."

Kick- "Oh, but you did cave, Brad. Our sibling bond was never broken by any babysitter. And now, the one thing that brought us together as brothers... is gone." (Brad hugs Kick)

Kendall- "Not if I can help it!"

Brad & Kick- "Yeah, Buttowski Brothers!"

Brad- "Especially Brad! (Kick is mad) And Dillweed." (Kick is happy)

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