Gunther- "For vikings, this is St. Olaf's Eve where we dress up and carve a giant canoe to honour the great sailor and I'm missing it for this, so there better be s'mores!"

Harold- "We're all out of s'mores. (Gunther screams, and runs out of the tent) One down, two to go!"

Brad- "My story is called... The Toilet of Terror!"

Brad- "In the toilet, no one can hear you scream. And the next morning...there were TWO portable toilets!

Harold- "And now, a tale so terrifying you might as well flee now. (Brad screams, then comes back by the bungee cord, hitting them) THE CAR!" (laughs)

Kick- "And now, a story about something in every front yard... trees."

Brad- (laughs with Harold) "Trees!"

Harold- "It's lamer than toilets!"

Kick- "Oh, laugh now. But soon you'll experience... A Nightmare on Buttowski Street."

Harold- Boys, I believe your mother ands sister are probably goners. It's best we forget them. We have to start over with a tree-less enviorment, have less demanding wives and a less expensive daughter. (all brace and shiver with tears, the door opens to reveal Honey and Brianna, with curlers and beauty masks)

Honey- (After hearing Dad's conversation) Less demanding?!

Brianna- It's best we just forget them?!

Honey- Oh, Harold, You and your ghost stories.

Brad- But Mom, The Spruce Stangler! He's out for revenge because...DAD CHOPPED HIM DOWN!!!


Honey- That. Is. Ridicu...LOUS!!! (sees the tree and all of them scream)

Kick- Last one in the tent. Yeah, Kick!

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