Oskar Chicarelli




Ms. Chicarelli


Biting butts and destroying stuff

First Appearance

"Kick the Habit"

Last Appearance

"Sleepy River Wild"

Oskar is Ms. Chicarelli's "devil" dog. He is brown and wears a blue argyle sweater.

He normally likes to bite people's butts; mainly Kick's and Gunther's. Also, these two are the kids that he hates (mainly beacause his owner likes brutality), but in "Dog Gone", he and Kick become friends.

In "Pool Daze", it's revealed that Oskar is at least 10 in human years (about 70 in dog years) although he could be considerably older then 10 because he appears in a flashback of the janitor in "Detained".

In "The Kick Stays in the Picture" Kick uses Oskar for his awesome stunts in order to become the new face of Skidzeez.

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