Season 1

Appearances Title Cards
"Kick the Habit" (debut) Kickthehabit hdtitlecard
"According to Chimp" (cameo) Accordingtochimp hdtitlecard
"Dog Gone" Doggone hdtitlecard
"Dad's Car" (non-speaking appearance) Dad'scar hdtitlecard
"Kyle Be Back" (non-speaking appearance) Kylebeback hdtitlecard
"Tattler's Tale" Tattler'stale hdtitlecard
"Fistful of Ice Cream" (non-speaking appearance) Fistfuloficecream hdtitlecard
"Frame Story" (non-speaking cameo) Framestory hdtitlecard

Season 2

Appearances Photos
"Mow Money" Mowmoney hdtitlecard
"Love Stinks!" (cameo in deleted scene) Lovestinks! hdtitlecard
"Kickin' Genes" (non-speaking cameo) Kickin'genes hqtitlecard
"Truth or Daredevil" (as Thinky McTellsalot (her ancestor)/non-speaking cameo) Truthordaredevil hdtitlecard
"Pool Daze" Pooldaze hqtitlecard
"Detained" Detained hqtitlecard
"K-Nein" (cameo) K-nein hqtitlecard
"Pinch Sitter" (cameo) Pinchsitter hqtitlecard
"Brad's Diary" (cameo) Brad'sdiary hqtitlecard
"Nerves of Steal" Nervesofsteal hqtitlecard
"Sew What" Sewwhat hqtitlecard
"Sleepy River Wild" (cameo) Sleepy river title
"Kyle E. Coyote" (non-speaking appearance) Kylee.coyote hqtitlecard
"Last Fan Standing" (last appearance) Lastfanstanding hqtitlecard
Ms. Chicarelli

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