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Season 1

Appearances Title Cards
"Kick the Habit" (debut) Kickthehabit hdtitlecard
"According to Chimp" (cameo) Accordingtochimp hdtitlecard
"Dog Gone" Doggone hdtitlecard
"Dad's Car" (non-speaking appearance) Dad&#039;scar hdtitlecard
"Kyle Be Back" (non-speaking appearance) Kylebeback hdtitlecard
"Tattler's Tale" Tattler&#039;stale hdtitlecard
"Fistful of Ice Cream" (non-speaking appearance) Fistfuloficecream hdtitlecard
"Frame Story" (non-speaking cameo) Framestory hdtitlecard

Season 2

Appearances Photos
"Mow Money" Mowmoney hdtitlecard
"Love Stinks!" (cameo in deleted scene) Lovestinks! hdtitlecard
"Kickin' Genes" (non-speaking cameo) Kickin&#039;genes hqtitlecard
"Truth or Daredevil" (as Thinky McTellsalot (her ancestor)/non-speaking cameo) Truthordaredevil hdtitlecard
"Pool Daze" Pooldaze hqtitlecard
"Detained" Detained hqtitlecard
"K-Nein" (cameo) K-nein hqtitlecard
"Pinch Sitter" (cameo) Pinchsitter hqtitlecard
"Brad's Diary" (cameo) Brad&#039;sdiary hqtitlecard
"Nerves of Steal" Nervesofsteal hqtitlecard
"Sew What" Sewwhat hqtitlecard
"Sleepy River Wild" (cameo) Sleepy river title
"Kyle E. Coyote" (non-speaking appearance) Kylee.coyote hqtitlecard
"Last Fan Standing" (last appearance) Lastfanstanding hqtitlecard
Ms. Chicarelli

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