Season 1

Appearances Title Cards
"Dead Man's Drop" (debut/cameo) Deadman'sdrop hdtitlecard
"There Will Be Nachos" Therewillbenachos hdtitlecard
"Kick the Habit" Kickthehabit hdtitlecard
"Not Without My Cereal" Notwithoutmycereal hdtitlecard
"Battle For The Snax" Battleforthesnax hdtitlecard
"Obsession For Kick" (cameo) Obsessionforkick hdtitlecard
"Flush and Release" Flushandrelease hdtitlecard
"According to Chimp" (cameo) Accordingtochimp hdtitlecard
"Runaway Recital" Runawayrecital hdtitlecard
"Trike X-5" Trikex-5 hdtitlecard
"Box Office Blitz" Boxofficeblitz hdtitlecard
"Dog Gone" Doggone hdtitlecard
"For The Love of Gunther" (cameo) Fortheloveofgunther hdtitlecard
"Father From the Truth" (cameo) Fatherfromthetruth hdtitlecard
"Kyle Be Back" Kylebeback hdtitlecard
"Braking The Grade" (non-speaking cameo) Brakingthegrade hdtitlecard
"Dancing With The Enemy" Dancingwiththeenemy hdtitlecard
"Tattler's Tale" Tattler'stale hdtitlecard
"Fistful of Ice Cream" Fistfuloficecream hdtitlecard

Season 2

Appearances Photos
"Love Stinks!" (non-speaking cameo in deleted scene) Lovestinks! hdtitlecard
"Clean... To The Extreme" Clean...totheextreme hdtitlecard
"Stand and Delivery" (cameo) Standanddelivery hdtitlecard
"Truth or Daredevil" (cameo as himself/non-speaking cameo as his ancestor) Truthordaredevil hdtitlecard
"Pool Daze" (non-speaking cameo) Pooldaze hqtitlecard
"You've Been Brad'd!" (non-speaking cameo) You'vebeenbrad'd! hqtitlecard
"Bromance" (non-speaking cameo) Bromance hqtitlecard
"Bwar and Peace" (non-speaking cameo) Bwarandpeace hqtitlecard
"Bad Table Manners" (non-speaking cameo) Badtablemanners hqtitlecard
"Pinch Sitter" (non-speaking cameo) Pinchsitter hqtitlecard
"Nerves of Steal" Nervesofsteal hqtitlecard
"Sleepy River Wild" (cameo) Sleepy river title
"Kyle E. Coyote" (non-speaking appearance) Kylee.coyote hqtitlecard
"Only the Loan-ly" (non-speaking cameo) Onlytheloan-ly hqtitlecard
"Crumbs!" (last speaking appearance) Crumbs! hqtitlecard
"Last Fan Standing" (non-speaking cameo/last appearance) Lastfanstanding hqtitlecard
Mr. Vickle

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