• This episode marks the first appearance of Ronaldo, one of Kick's fiercest arch-rivals.
  • This episode shows Ronaldo being followed by an unnamed girl and an unnamed boy. However in future episodes with Ronaldo, these two characters are no longer seen.
  • Gunther looks like the 1982 Formula 1 World Champion Keke Rosberg in this episode.
  • There's a deleted scene of Kick crashing into the fence from another angle.


  • How can Kick and Gunther put the chassis in the same spot they are going to land if they don't know where the cart is going to land?
  • When Ronaldo is adjusting the settings, the weight says that the hard side is the left one. But when Ronaldo pushes Kick's cart, it appears that it is the right one.
  • The mirror cannot shine on Kick's face because it is not tilted enough.
  • Ronaldo and his cart disappear when Kick almost crashes into the woman.
  • The woman with the stroller changes sides when Kick avoids her.
  • When the cart crashes into the fences, it breaks into pieces. But when it crashes into the cave, it doesn't break at all.
    • Also, how can the cart break when it is brand new but not when it is old and rusty.
  • In this episode, Janitor Roberson is the school janitor. But in "Frame Story", The Unnamed Janitor is the school janitor; although it could be that Mr. Roberson was fired between this episode and "Frame Story".
  • While Ronaldo is jiggling with the "mini Kick's head", the head doesn't have a mouth.
  • When Ronaldo is watching Kick's "fixed" cart, the legs of his glasses disappear.
  • Throughout the episode, the woodshop door says "woodshop" but it appears that the word is floating in mid-air as there isn't a sign there.
  • Throughout the episode, the unnamed girl's hairband changes sides.

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