Season 1

Appearances Title Cards
"Battle For The Snax" (debut) Battleforthesnax hdtitlecard
"Father From the Truth" Fatherfromthetruth hdtitlecard
"Rank of Awesome" (cameo) Rankofawesome hdtitlecard
"Abandon Friendship!" Abandonfriendship! hdtitlecard
"Fistful of Ice Cream" (non-speaking appearance) Fistfuloficecream hdtitlecard

Season 2

Appearances Title Cards
"Clean... To The Extreme" Clean...totheextreme hdtitlecard
"Stand and Delivery" Standanddelivery hdtitlecard
"Garage Banned" (non-speaking cameo) Garagebanned hqtitlecard
"Stumped Again" Stumpedagain hqtitlecard
"Sleepover" (non-speaking appearance) Sleepover hqtitlecard
"Brad's Room" Brad'sroom hdtitlecard
"Free Gunther" Freegunther hqtitlecard
"Swap Meet" Swapmeet hqtitlecard
"Bwar and Peace" Bwarandpeace hqtitlecard
"Roll Reversal" Rollreversal hqtitlecard
"Bwar-Mart" (last speaking appearance) Bwar-mart hqtitlecard
"Goodbye, Gully" (non-speaking cameo) Goodbyegully hqtitlecard
"Last Fan Standing" (non-speaking cameo/last appearance) Lastfanstanding hqtitlecard

Magnus Magnuson

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