• This is the first and only episode that shows Brad having an actual girlfriend.
  • The title is based on the song of the same name by the J. Geils Band.

Running Gags

  • Brad thinking that Kelly is his girlfriend.
  • Kick doing stunts on a floating ramp and someone deflating the balloons holding it.


  • When Brad arrives at the bus stop, the bus sign is taller than him. In the next scene he is as tall as the sign. But in the next scene, he is taller than the sign.
  • The second time Kick is doing stunts on the flying ramp, the sky is clear. But after Kick high fives Brad, the sky is gray. In another shot of Kick and Gunther, the sky is clear again.
  • When Kick is talking to Gunther inside Pansies Flowers, he is surprised. But in the next scene he is angry which means the film was cut.
  • Random things change positions between the breakfast scenes.
  • A lipstick mark is seen on Brad's left cheek after Kelly kisses him, but the lipstick mark disappears later.
  • The pink ribbon on the heart-shaped chocolate cage changes from being right-sided to being left-sided.
  • Kick and Brad don't get covered in garbage even though they are on the stage at that moment.
  • Brad's injuries are gone when he sees Horace and Pantsy.

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