Bm lars

Lars is the viking manager of the Bwar-Mart superstore who makes his only appearance in the episode of the same name.


Lars is shown to be a short bearded man (but still taller then Kick and Gunther) who wears casual clothing with an orange vest and a Viking helmet.


He first appears when he introduces himself to Kick and Gunther. He then offers them meatballs, of which they eat so much that they stay at the store when it closes. Lars tells them that if anyone stays during closing time, they are Bwar-Mart employees for life. As Kick and Guther try to found a way out, Lars orders the employees to capture them (then offer the meatballs). As Kick tries to convice the employees to join him to escape, Lars lures them with meatballs again. After thinking he's finally got them, he gives them their new postion; cleaning the bathroom near the meatball bar (which scares the other employees). However Kick uses the small tool that Lars had given to him earlier to build the giant dragon ship and uses it to escape Bwar-Mart (along with the other employees who join because of the Battlesnax Salted Meats Festival). He is last seen swimming away from the dragon ship and standing on a floating barrel.

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