"Aw, biscuits." (Many episodes)

"It's time to Kick. Buttowski." (Many episodes)

"Chimichanga!" ("Stumped")

"I don't need luck Gunther, it only gets in my waaaaaaaay!" ("If Books Could Kill")

"Oh there will be nachos. There. Will. Be. Nachos." ("There Will Be Nachos")

"Mmm-hmm." ("Morning Rush!")

"I. Don't. Know." ("Battle For The Snax")

"When awesome calls, a daredevil answers the phone." ("Knocked Out")

"Worst. Piñata. Ever." ("The Gift of Wacky")

"If you can't win with strength, find another way." ("Drop Kick")

"Let's get to work; actual work". ("Wade Against The Machine")

"Do it all, and then some!" ("The Treasure of Dead Man Dave")

"No. I'm postponing. I'm a postponer." ("Kyle Be Back")

"Look Gunther, we don't need songs!" ("Abandon Friendship!")

"I'M NOT CUTE!!" ("Kickasaurus Wrecks")

"Dog ate my homework. Dog ate my homework. Dog ate my homework." ("Morning Rush!")

"You look like a windsurfing lawyer!" ("Garage Banned")

"It's a miracle!" ("Box Office Blitz")

"STAY OUT OF MY DREAMS!!" ("Rocked")

"Last one in the tent! Yeah Kick!" ("Petrified!")

"You will never get these cookies!" ("Crumbs!")


"I'm coming back!" ("Faceplant!")

Kick Buttowski

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