Kickie, or Kackie is the relationship between Kick Buttowski and Jackie Wackerman. Although Kick claims to hate Jackie (which he probably does), she is his number one fan. In at least two episodes, he thinks she's cool.

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Kick and Jackie

Season 1

"Obsession For Kick"

  • Jackie declares herself Kick's biggest fan; she even starts a fanclub of Kick.


  • Jackie tells Kick that she'll wait for him; "no matter how long it takes".
  • Jackie and the other students (except Kendall) smile when Kick rescues the school bus.

"The Treasure of Dead Man Dave"

  • Jackie defends Kick's report when Kendall and Ms. Fitzpatrick question its validity.

"For The Love of Gunther"

  • Jackie comes to admire Kick's stunts.

"The Gift of Wacky"

  • Kick organizes the best party for Jackie.

"Abandon Friendship!"

  • Jackie wants to be Kick's new best friend.

"Dancing With The Enemy"

  • Jackie wants to dance with Kick.
  • Jackie is angry with Kendall because she is dancing with Kick.

"Tattler's Tale"

  • Jackie is one of the kids who dresses up as Kick in order to drive Ms. Chicarelli crazy and stop her tattling.
  • Kick recovers Jackie's signed photo.

Season 2

"Mow Money"

  • After splashing Kick with a hose, Jackie says that "it was worth the extra dollar".

"Garage Banned"

  • Kick and his friends (Gunther, Emo Kid, Howie, Mary and Jackie) form a band in order to beat Brad in the Battle of the Bands so he can get his garage back from him.


  • The auction winner turns out to be Jackie, who is given an entire day to do whatever she wants with Kick.

"The Kick Stays in the Picture"

  • Jackie and Kick ruin Gordie's opportunity to catch the best picture of speed and action for Skidzeez Ride Shop.

"Hand in Hand"

  • Jackie sees Kendall, and starts an "almost-catfight" because she thinks that Kendall is wooing "her Kick".

"Kick or Treat"

  • Jackie dresses up as Kick for Hallowe'en.

"Dude, Where's My Wade?"

  • Jackie makes a video of Kick with her hands.

"Free Gunther"

  • Jackie rubs the lamp and when Kick appears she is happy.


  • Jackie gives Kick a sandwich (which, unknown to her, is expired).

"Poll Position"

  • Kick tries to help Jackie win the class presidential election.