"As class president I'm in charge." ("Snowpocalypse!")

"Protocol dictates that we stay put until help arrives or until we freeze solid; whichever comes first." ("Snowpocalypse!")

"Stay back! I don't have any food!" ("Snowpocalypse!")

"Why didn't I just let them eat me?" ("Snowpocalypse!")

"Ahem! You forgot me!" ("Snowpocalypse!")

"What are you doing here, Clarence?" ("Box Office Blitz")

"Wow... Kick! I... I didn't know... I..." ("Box Office Blitz")

"USHER! USHER!!" ("Box Office Blitz")

"OBJECTION!!" ("The Treasure of Dead Man Dave")

"WILL SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THIS INSANITY?!" ("The Treasure of Dead Man Dave")

"HOW DARE YOU PRAISE ME?? Wait, praise me? Clarence Buttowski?" ("Exposed")

"Clarence look!. I'm wearing your favorite top!" ("Exposed")

"Do you have a permit for whatever you're doing, Clarence? And what are you doing?" ("Rank of Awesome")

"Hi video fans! My name is Kendall and this is my cat Hansel!" ("Rank of Awesome")

"Cat, Cat, Cat-Cat Meowski! na na na na, Cat Meowski, na na na na, Cat Meowski! Woooo!!" ("Rank of Awesome")

"HANSEL!!" ("Rank of Awesome")

"What a wonderful day to make money." ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"In YOUR dreams!" ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"FASTEEER!!" ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"And you are so awesome." ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"You are the worst secret boyfriend ever." ("Frame Story")

"Clarence, you're such a freak!" ("Clothes Call")

"Stupid thing? So now the giant wooden statue of me is just a STUPID THING??!!" ("Stand and Delivery")

"Sweetie face?" ("Hand in Hand")

"Awww, you look precious." ("Hand in Hand")

"I guess Clarence isn't all bad." ("Pool Daze")

"HIDE! HIDE! ...Hi!!" ("Detained")

"Oh Kick!" ("Detained")

"Happy Hallowe'en boys!" ("Kick or Treat")

"CLARENCE BUTTOWSKI!" ("Poll Position")

"Sorry you didn't get to sew your face to Kick's." ("Poll Position")

"I'm two weeks older than Kick and a decade more mature than you!" ("Pinch Sitter")

"My rules are simple: no stunts, no leaving the house and no fun whatsoever! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!!" ("Pinch Sitter")

"What just happened?" ("Roll Reversal")

"I can't let Kick win. There's only one way to block him!" ("Roll Reversal")

"Ha ha! I win!" ("Roll Reversal")

"Kick couldn't make it, so he asked me to take his place. You can call me Kendall." ("Rocked")

"What have you done to my house?" ("Crumbs!")

Kendall Perkins

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