Season 1

Appearances Title Cards
"Snowpocalypse!" (debut) Snowpocalypse! hdtitlecard
"Box Office Blitz" Boxofficeblitz hdtitlecard
"Dog Gone" (non-speaking cameo) Doggone hdtitlecard
"The Treasure of Dead Man Dave" Thetreasureofdeadmandave hdtitlecard
"Father From the Truth" Fatherfromthetruth hdtitlecard
"Exposed" Exposed hdtitlecard
"Kyle Be Back" (cameo) Kylebeback hdtitlecard
"Rank of Awesome" Rankofawesome hdtitlecard
"Abandon Friendship!" (non-speaking cameo) Abandonfriendship! hdtitlecard
"Braking The Grade" (cameo) Brakingthegrade hdtitlecard
"Dancing With The Enemy" Dancingwiththeenemy hdtitlecard
"Tattler's Tale" (non-speaking cameo) Tattler'stale hdtitlecard
"Frame Story" Framestory hdtitlecard

Season 2

Appearances Photos
"Clothes Call" (cameo) Clothescall hqtitlecard
"Clean... To The Extreme" (non-speaking cameo) Clean...totheextreme hdtitlecard
"Stand and Delivery" Standanddelivery hdtitlecard
"Faceplant!" Faceplant! hdtitlecard
"Hand in Hand" Handinhand hqtitlecard
"Pool Daze" Pooldaze hqtitlecard
"Gym Dandy" (non-speaking appearance) Gymdandy hqtitlecard
"Detained" Detained hqtitlecard
"Kick or Treat" Kickortreat hqtitlecard
"Power Play" Powerplay hqtitlecard
"Swap Meet" (non-speaking cameo) Swapmeet hqtitlecard
"Trash Talk" (non-speaking cameo) Trashtalk hqtitlecard
"Poll Position" Pollposition hqtitlecard
"Bromance" (non-speaking cameo) Bromance hqtitlecard
"Pinch Sitter" Pinchsitter hqtitlecard
"Bee Awesome!" Beeawesome! hqtitlecard
"Nerves of Steal" Nervesofsteal hqtitlecard
"Big Mouth" (cameo) Bigmouth hqtitlecard
"Roll Reversal" Rollreversal hqtitlecard
"Kyle E. Coyote" (non-speaking appearance) Kylee.coyote hqtitlecard
"Rocked" (portrayed as an adult) Rocked hqtitlecard
"Crumbs!" (cameo/last speaking appearance) Crumbs! hqtitlecard
"Goodbye, Gully" (non-speaking cameo/last appearance) Goodbyegully hqtitlecard

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