Kendall's Sister
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair color: Blonde
Personal Information
  Kendall Perkins (only when they were ousting their babysitters)
  Kendall Perkins
Mr. Perkins (father)
Mrs. Perkins (mother)
Kendall Perkins (younger sister)
Production Information
Voiced by:

Kendall's Sister is Kendall Perkins' unseen older sister and the oldest daughter of Mr. Perkins and Mrs. PerkinsSandro Corsaro has confirmed on his Twitter feed that she exists and that her name was going to be "Linnie" but due to the show ending she will remain an unseen character. However, she is mentioned by Kendall in "Pinch Sitter" where she reveals that she and her sister shared the same relationship as Kick and Brad in that the only time they got along was when they were ousting their babysitters. However, Sandro Corsaro has confirmed on his Facebook page that she's tall and blonde, she does in fact have cameos as a background character in a few episodes and that her looks are based off of Cameron Diaz.

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