• This is the first episode where Brad is seen working.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Gunther is not present.
  • Brad calls Kick by his daredevil nickname for most of the episode. He only calls him Dillweed once.
  • Kick's 3D model which was used in several games is used in two scenes in this episode.


  • The beginning of the episode is a homage to the opening of Cars.
  • The scene of Kick's body being activated is a reference to Herbie: Fully Loaded.
  • Gordie's Go-Kart resembles a Caparo T1.


  • Brad's gum removal spatula disappears when the Go-Kart boss calls him.
  • Why does Kick's Go-Kart have a gear stick even though a kid wouldn't know about changing gears?
  • When Kick finishes the race in slow motion, the back right wheel is back on the Go-Kart.
  • Kick's Go-Kart gear stick disappears in several shots and scenes.
  • A kart track would not be as big as a town in real life.
  • When the line of kids is being amount by the DiPazzi Twins, Kick is in the far left. But in the next scene, Kick is in the middle of the line.
  • Kick is inside the line, but when Gordie puts a cardboard version of him above Kick, Kick is outside of it.
  • Brad is being tanned by the DiPazzi Twins, but at the end of the episode, his skin is back to its normal color.
  • After Brad tells Gordie that Kick has his license, Kick's license and the "Go!" stamp disappears from Brad's hands.
  • The GPS scan of the Go-Kart track doesn't match with the real Go-Kart track.
  • When the race begins, Kick and Gordie's Go-Karts run away. But in the next scene, Kick' s Go-Kart is broken down at the start line.
  • The oil Gordie's Go-Kart drops is brown instead of black.
  • It would be impossible for a Go-Kart to turn at a 190 degree angle and to have the ability to drive on the two right wheels in a plank.
  • Kick gets covered in smoke at the beginning, but in the next scene, he is spotless.

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