• The title is a pun on "If Looks Could Kill".
  • This episode mark the first appearance of Steve, Kick's goldfish.
  • This episode reveals that Gunther has a fear of spiders.
  • Kick is shown to be small enough to fit his whole body inside of a photo copier.


  • In some scenes inside the library, there is a sign that reads, "Books Is Fun!" which is grammatically incorrect. The correct sentence is "Books Are Fun!".
  • Kick is not seen getting Gunther's sandwich, but he has it when he comes out of the library.
  • In the close-up of Kick putting the mic on his ear, he puts it on the right side of his face. But in another scene, it is on the left side of his face.
    • Also, in some scenes the mic changes sides from being on the left side to being on the right side.
  • As Kick is being lowered, the librarian passes the hall where Kick is being lowered twice.
  • Kick doesn't put the zoom on his video camera but when Gunther watches the librarian laughing on the laptop, the zoom is on.
  • Kick enters the photo copier with the book, but in the photo copier pictures the "fake" book is not seen.
  • It is impossible for Kick to fit his whole body inside the photo copier as the cover would have to still be mid-open.
  • In Round Two, the librarian wants to get the "fake" Billy Stumps book.
  • Gunther has the "Whistling for Boys" book in his right hand but after the birds bring Kick clothes, the book is gone.
  • After the birds bring Kick clothes, equipment from nowhere appears to be on Kick.
  • As Kick's bike passes to the track where the librarian is, you can see that Kick and his bike go through a book shelf.
  • The librarian's face doesn't seem to be injured when she crashes her face into the book shelf.
  • Before the book lands on the table, the librarian and Kick are on different tracks. After the book lands, they are on the same track.
  • Kick's shadow height in the smoke seems more TALLER than his actual height.
    • Also, the shadow's right hand is not holding the book, but when Kick comes out of the smoke, the book is in his right hand.
  • In one scene, The librarian has only four teeth.
  • When Kick races to the book, some smoke appears behind the bike despite the fact that bikes don't have smokepipes.
  • The librarian has messy hair at the end. but in a split second, her messy hair becomes brushed.
  • When the librarian races to the book, her motocycle leaves smoke but in other scenes the smoke vanishes.
    • Also, the motorcycle leaves smoke in some scenes and in others not.

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