• Harold's personality is similar to Johnny Test's father, Hugh Test from Johnny Test, although he doesn't possess the trait of being a top neat freak. In some ways, they are the exact opposite.
  • Harold's personality is also similar to Arwin from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as both characters are played by Brian Stepanek.
  • Harold has an obsessive love for his car, which makes him go crazy from time to time. In fact, he keeps "Monique" a secret from his wife, which is similiar to the quirk shared by Timmy Turner's dad from The Fairly OddParents - who very much loves his car, the Striker Z (which, ironically, was a toy car he wanted as a kid), more than he loves his wife.
  • He is so cautious that he once earned a trophy for being cautious.
  • As shown in "Crumbs!" he loves his wife's home made cookies so much that he has developed a split personality that causes him to attack anyone who tries to keep them away from him.
  • He is a very skilled ping pong player as shown in "Bad Table Manners".
  • Harold's voice actor, Brian Stepanek, later went on to voice Lynn Loud Sr. in the Loud House, a show created by Chris Savino. Both Harold and Lynn Sr. have children voiced by Grey DeLisle: Harold has Brianna, while Lynn Sr. has Lana, Lola and Lily.

Harold Buttowski

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