• In this episode, Kendall shows she is not always a bossy little lady. She shows her "awesome" and "tomboy-ish" side.
  • This is the third episode where we see Kendall call Kick by his daredevil nickname and not by "Clarence"; this is also the first episode where Kendall calls Kick by just his surname, because Kick tries to get their hands unstuck by using a chainsaw.
  • This is the first and only episode where we see Kick blush (this happens for a split second just after he and Kendall get their hands unstuck).
  • In this episode, Kendall intends to disguise herself as "an heiress; the sole benefactor to the "Perkins" estate" while in the make-up shop ("Perkins" would actually be confirmed to be Kendall's surname in "Kick or Treat").
  • Kick could have slipped his hand out of the glove that was stuck to Kendall's hand. It's unknown why he doesn't do this.
  • The suit and hat that Kendall wears to hide from Ronaldo is seen again in "Big Mouth".

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