"Hey Kick! *Looks around* You're naaaaaakeeeeeed!" ("Dead Man's Drop")

"That's not a dog, it's pure evil!" ("Morning Rush!")

"Who will I sit with!? Who will I talk to!? WHO WILL REMIND ME NOT TO SWALLOW MY TONGUE!?" ("Morning Rush!")

"Or face the wrath of my ancestors!" ("Kicked Out")

"Help me." ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"Right now... I'm crying inside." ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"I WANNA PEEEEEEE!!!" ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"Your face is like an apple, ripe to the touch." ("For The Love of Gunther")

"Leftie!" ("Flush and Release")

"Kick, it's the fastest thing we've ever built." ("Mellowbrook Drift")

"Dahhhhhhhhhh! BRAIN BURN!!!" ("Father From the Truth")

"Have I died and gone to spaghetti and meatball heaven?" ("Father From the Truth")

"But failure is just our fuel for sucess!!" ("Kyle Be Back")

"INSANITY!!" ("The Gift of Wacky")

"NO PHONE?! NO RADIO?!?! IT'S LIKE WE'VE SLID BACK IN TIME... TO 1996!!!" ("Snowpocalypse!")

"Ooooh... Huh?" (Runaway Recital)

"Why thank you." ("Fistful of Ice Cream")

"I don't know about this Kick." ("Abandon Friendship!")

"My parents follow the ancient rules of discipline from the Old Country. I've got at least 6 months of grounding left, then I can sleep in the house again." ("Tattler's Tale")

"As we say in Norway: "something is rotten in the state of Denmark", although it could be the bacon in my pants" ("Love Stinks!")

"AHHHHH!!! The evil attic gnome! It followed us from the old country! Curse you gnome! CURSE YOU!" ("Attic-a")

"OH NO, I'M A STAGE PROP!!" ("Drop Kick")

"Good luck rescuing me from that giant ape NOW!" ("Only the Loan-ly")

Gunther Magnuson

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