The Gunther-Jackie Relationship, also known as Gackie and Janther is arguably the second most popular relationship in the show. It consists of Gunther Magnuson and Jackie Wackerman.

Season 1

"For The Love of Gunther"

  • After realizing Jackie likes some of the things he likes he falls in love with her.
  • He becomes a daredevil in order to win her heart.

"The Gift of Wacky"

  • Gunther says that "even Jackie deserves a happy birthday".
  • He shows up to her party with a flower.

"Dancing With The Enemy"

  • Jackie and Gunther are paired to dance together. They are noticeably a very good team and are the best other then Kick and Kendall.

Season 2

"Garage Banned"

  • Gunther calls Jackie "Lovely"

"The Kick Stays in the Picture"

  • Gunther praises all of Jackie's pictures.
  • When Gunther sees the room filled with pictures of Kick he looks sad.

"Poll Position"

  • Gunther helps Kick to get Jackie to win.

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