Gunther's Rap is a song from "Garage Banned". It is performed by Gunther, as he raps when he gets really mad.


Gunther creates this song in seconds. He raps while he gets really mad, to take off the anger. While Gunther is singing, other people (like Emo Kid, Jackie and others) arrive playing instruments. Kick loves the music and then, he creates his band.


Gunther: Oh no he didn't!
Uh! uh! oh yeah! Come on come what?
Brother wasn't raised in a violent way
but this vagabond's got one down callin' me a woman every day
results on you screamin' out. uh ooh!

Always puttin' on a smile a smile while all Kick does is sit around and frown
You think that I'm the clown?
Or just the comic relief?
When all I wanna do is bite you with my teeth!

chic chi chi chic chic Chicarelli Chicarelli.

Oh and another thing!
Rasins in my brownies Mom?
Whatcha thinkin'?!
Can I have a word in the foyer?
On second thought i'd speak to my lawyer
And see the look on her face
As he presents my case
And destroys her!
That will teach her
Not to mess me
And a thousand year-old Viking brownie recipe
d-don't don't bake it like that! uh uh
don't bake it like that! why? huh?
don't bake it like that! uh fool please!

And why does Mrs. Fitzpartick always say
Gunther you're slackin' in every way?
Why do you say that I'm slackin'?
Cause I choose the back of the classroom to do mah nappin'?

then to the C to the A to the F to the Teria
where all the flavah's be lackin'
my lips been smackin'
friends crackalakin
and all you haters will find me packin'!
... my lunch.


  • The vocals are provided by Matt Jones, Gunther's voice actor.

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