Season 2

Appearances Title Cards
"Switching Gears" (debut) Switchinggears hqtitlecard
"The Kick Stays in the Picture" Thekickstaysinthepicture hqtitlecard
"Hand in Hand" Handinhand hqtitlecard
"Kart to Kart" Karttokart hqtitlecard
"A Cousin Kyle Christmas" (cameo) Acousinkylechristmas hqtitlecard
"Meathead Justice" Meatheadjustice hqtitlecard
"Rocked" (portrayed as an adult/non-speaking cameo) Rocked hqtitlecard
"Goodbye, Gully" (last speaking appearance) Goodbyegully hqtitlecard
"Last Fan Standing" (non-speaking cameo/last appearance) Lastfanstanding hqtitlecard
Gordie Gibble

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