Global Television aka TV is a television network that broadcasts to all of Peru. It was founded in 1986 and is one of six national chains having. In its beginning is called Stereo 33 Television Broadcasting Company was operated by SA 1160 Later in 1989 it was refounded as the channel 13 and became the property of the employer Vittorio Ferrari, then passed to the Peruvian broadcaster Genaro Delgado Parker. In 1996 Julio Vera Abad and other entrepreneurs claimed the rights to the television, which led to a series of lawsuits that lasted for over 10 years. Currently held by CORPECON, management company controlled by Mexican broadcaster Remigio Ángel González representing providers who owed ​​channel for purchases of television material and who also acquired by ATC Group, the package of actions belonged to Genaro Delgado Parker

Along with Disney XD (Latin America), Kick Buttowski is aired in Peru with the title: Kick Buttowski: Medio doble de riesgo

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