Kick & Gunther- (they see and face each other, then show each other their newspapers) "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"



Kick & Gunther: FREE! FREE! FREE!

Magnus- "BWAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!" (lightning strikes)

Kick- "High 5! Oh yeah! Boom McCondor BMX Joust!"

Gunther- "No, Kick! He's not happy!"

Kick- "Uh..."

Magnus- "BWAR! What have you done to my lawn dragons?! Gunther! You are grounded!"

Kick & Gunther- (they look at each other) "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!"

Gunther- "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry dad! I lost my head!"

Kick- "Boom McCondor's BMX Joust is tonight only and I can't go without my best bud! (Magnus growls) Can you start Gunther's grounding tomorrow? (Magnus smiles)"

Magnus- "Of course!"

Kick- "Seriously?"

Magnus- "Yes. IF you break him out!"

Gunther- (gasp) "No! Not-"

Magnus- "Yes! The ancient viking custom of... (he claps his hands loudly for the wind to blow Kick and Gunther) ...BATTLESNEEGAN!!!" (lightning strikes)

Kick- "BattleSneegan?"

Magnus- "Yes! If you break Gunther out of house, off of property, and onto sidewalk... he is free!"

Kick- "Really? What are the rules?"

Gunther- "No, Kick!"

Magnus- "Only rule is...NO RULES! BWAR! BWAR!! BWAAAAAAAAAAARRR!!!!!!!!!!!" (lightning strikes)

Helga- "QUIET!!!"

Magnus- "Bwar. Bwar."

Gunther: "But Kick, if you can't get me to the sidewalk by sundown, my grounding is extended for a YEAR! Don't accept the challenge."

Kick: "I accept the challenge!"

Gunther: "Ugh!"

Magnus: "BATTLESNEEGAN!!!!!! BWAR! BWAAARR!! Bwaaaaarrr!!!!"

Helga: "Quiet!"

Magnus: "Bwar. Let the BattleSneegan begin!"

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