"They'll never make it, no one ever makes it. We're gonna starve." ("Snowpocalypse!")

"Whatever, I'm already empty inside." ("Abandon Friendship!")

"Please not dodgeball, please not dodgeball!" ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"Oh no..." (before being hit by dodgeball) ("Dancing With The Enemy")

"And that's why the sine wave represents the hopelessness in my soul." ("Frame Story")

  • Gunther- "It'll come back."
  • Emo Kid- "Nothing ever does." ("Switching Gears")

"I welcome the isolation." ("Pool Daze")

"This is quite refreshing" ("Pool Daze")

  • Kick- "It's empty!".
  • Emo Kid- "Like my dreams". ("Swap Meet")

"I always feel like this" (after being beaten up) ("Roll Reversal")

Emo Kid

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