Season 1

Appearances Title Cards
"Snowpocalypse!" (debut) Snowpocalypse! hdtitlecard
"The Treasure of Dead Man Dave" (non-speaking appearance) Thetreasureofdeadmandave hdtitlecard
"Things That Make You Go Boom!" (non-speaking cameo) Thingsthatmakeyougoboom! hdtitlecard
"Abandon Friendship!" Abandonfriendship! hdtitlecard
"Dancing With The Enemy" Dancingwiththeenemy hdtitlecard
"Tattler's Tale" (non-speaking appearance) Tattler'stale hdtitlecard
"Morning Rush!" (non-speaking cameo) Morningrush! hdtitlecard
"Frame Story" Framestory hdtitlecard
"And... Action!" (non-speaking cameo) And...action! hdtitlecard

Season 2

Appearances Photos
"Switching Gears" (cameo) Switchinggears hqtitlecard
"Garage Banned" (non-speaking appearance) Garagebanned hqtitlecard
"Pool Daze" Pooldaze hqtitlecard
"Kart to Kart" (non-speaking cameo) Karttokart hqtitlecard
"Gym Dandy" (non-speaking appearance) Gymdandy hqtitlecard
"Kick or Treat" (non-speaking appearance) Kickortreat hqtitlecard
"Dude, Where's My Wade?" Dudewhere'smywade hdtitlecard
"Power Play" (non-speaking cameo) Powerplay hqtitlecard
"Swap Meet" (cameo) Swapmeet hqtitlecard
"Poll Position" (non-speaking cameo) Pollposition hqtitlecard
"Bromance" (non-speaking cameo) Bromance hqtitlecard
"Bee Awesome!" (non-speaking cameo) Beeawesome! hqtitlecard
"Sleepy River Wild" (non-speaking cameo) Sleepy river title
"Roll Reversal" (last speaking appearance) Rollreversal hqtitlecard
"Only the Loan-ly" (non-speaking cameo) Onlytheloan-ly hqtitlecard
"Goodbye, Gully" (non-speaking cameo) Goodbyegully hqtitlecard
"Last Fan Standing" (non-speaking cameo/last appearance) Lastfanstanding hqtitlecard

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