[first lines of the whole series]

(Kick finishes getting dressed and opens the garage door doing his famous pose)

Gunther: (in megaphone) Ladies and gentlemen, behold the world's greatest daredevil: Kick Buttowski! (garage door drops on Kick) Kick! Kick, are you ok?.

Kick: (hurt) It's just pain Gunther. (He uses force and strength to lift the garage door back into place doing his pose. But the garage door falls on him again)

Gunther: (hurt) It's just pain.

(Kick is at Dead Man's Drop)

Kick: I'm gonna need my Trick Out World Class Speed Machine.

(Gunther runs and grabs an ironing board which opens up into his face)

Brad: An ironing board. Ha!. You're gonna steampress your panties?.

(Evreyone laughs with him)

Kick: Gunther!!. You....Genius!!!.

(Gunther rushes to kick with Megaphone)

Gunther: (in megaphone) "Hey Kick! *Looks around* You're naaaaaakeeeeeed!"

(Evreyone walks in and laughs)

Brad: Haha! Dilweed, failure. Now in HD (He laughs)

(Kick is watching a instructional video on how to removes thorns from your body)

Doctor: Carefully I lower the foreseps and firmly yank.

(Gunther pinches him. Kick screams)

Gunther: (With tweasers) Stop moving!. This is delicate butt surgery.

Kick: (On the table) The guy on T.V said carefully!!.

Gunther: (Putting a thorn on the tray). Do you want me to get the thorns out or not!?

Kick: Ok. Do another. Go ahead do it. Do it!. (He get's pinched then screams). Why'd you do it!!??.

(Brad kicks the door open and laughs)

Brad: (With the camera) Haha!. That wipeout is gonna be an internet classic! (Points camera to Kick getting thorns removed from him) Haha!. But this is even better. Say Cheese!. (He walks off laughing) Later Dilweeds.

Kick: That's it Brad. You just made my revenge list. Gunther. The List!.

(Gunther pulls the list from his shirt and adds Brad's name with the other Brad's)

Gunther: Braaaaad.

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