(In Kick's house)

Kendall: Jackie and Gunther are going to win! They have a style, and what do we have?

Kick: For your information, I have a style. It's called... awesome! Like this.

(Kick turns on the TV, which shows two masked men wrestling)

Kendall: Wrestling?

Kick: A legendary style of awesome.

Kendall (grabbing the TV from Kick's hand): Well I have a style too!

(Kendall changes to a channel with a woman viking singing opera)

Kick: Opera?

Kendall: An elegant blend of music and drama.

Kick: Well, we should be awesome.

Kendall: We should be elegant.

(Kick and Kendall keeping saying "Awesome" and "Elegant" while fighting on the remote until a channel shows both the wrestler and opera woman viking together, and Kick and Kendall dropped the remote)

Kick: That's--

Kendall: --It!

Kick: We combine our style!

Kendall: Awesome meets Elegant!

(Kick and Kendall hold hands until they caught on then pulled away)

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