• Harold has never told Monique that he is married and has always said that Honey is the cleaning lady.
  • Like Harold, Honey's car is named "Antonio".
  • "Monique" is a 1975 AMC Pacer car.
  • "Antonio" is a Pontiac Grand Safari.


  • Harold should know that cleaning Monique's engine makes "her" malfunction.
  • The hose Brad holds appears from nowhere.
  • The hose isn't around Brad's hips but somehow the hose appears around them.
  • The Cheetah Chug! thrown at Brad's face vanishes when he hits Monique's door with his face.
  • Brad doesn't show a sign of pain after he hits Monique' door.
  • Monique's scratch changes places on "her" door.
  • The scratch isn't seen until Brad hits Monique's door.
  • Gunther's shovel appears from nowhere.
  • Brad somehow gets free after Monique is scratched.