• This episode is similar to "Swap Meet" in the following ways:
    • Both parents go crazy looking for a certain item.
    • Both nearly destroy stuff to find said item.
    • Each parent asks Kick to hide/protect said item from the other.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Kick has another helmet under his helmet when he asks Gunther what's under his helmet to prove that he's the real Gunther.
  • Kick is the first person to succeed in keeping the cookies away from Harold but he only achieves this by eating them himself (which causes him to inherit the same obsessive desire for them as his dad).
  • The way Harold talks to himself about the cookies is similar to how Gollum talks in the "Lord of the Rings" movies.
  • This is the second episode where Harold is the main antagonist. The first one is Bad Table Manners
  • This is the second time that Kick has had to use a desperate tactic against an opponent with the first time being in "Pinch Sitter".
  • Harold apparently doesn't like cake, since he says "Eww" when Honey says that she should've made a cake instead.
  • This episode shares the following similarities with the Dexter's Laboratory episode "The Muffin King":
    • Both dads love their wives cooking.
    • They display strange behavior to get the food.
  • Like Kick's dad, Gunther apparently planned on stealing the cookies for himself.

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