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Cheetah Chug! is a recurring soda in Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. It's a sports drink which is made from "the sweat of real cheetahs" and it has an emotional effect on Gunther such as turning him into a hysterical boy with wonky eyes into an angry cheetah like mood. Wade has a car that has several cases of Cheetah Chug! in the trunk but most of it is drank by Gunther when Kick is looking for a key that lets him ride a monster truck with his idol Billy Stumps in "Stumped". Kick has a poster of the Cheetah Chug! emblem (a nuclear reactor with three others) in his room and in his gully hangout. Cheetah Chug! is a parody of Red Bull and the urban legend that the taurine that it contains comes from the urine of bulls. In "Roll Reversal", due to Kendall declaring herself "Mellowbrook's Top Daredevil", Cheetah Chug!, as a Sloshy flavor, is discontinued in favor of Omega 3 Freeze at the Food 'n' Fix.


Cheetah Chug! XE

Cheetah Chug! XE

"It'll put pep in your step, and hair on your chest." (Wade's description of Cheetah Chug XE)

There is a stronger variant of Cheetah Chug! called "Cheetah Chug! XE" (the XE stands for Xtreme Emergency). Its capabilities surpass its predesscesor as it wakes Kick up when he's catatonic. Another example of its power is when Gunther merely touches the can and ends up with an amass of armhair. Kick & Gunther are seen drinking Cheetah Chug! XE at the end of "Not Without My Cereal".

Brad'sdiary cheetahchugxxe

Cheetah Chug! XXE

Cheetah Chug! XXE

There is also an even stronger, discontinued variant of the soda called "Cheetah Chug! XXE". In "Brad's Diary", two men in radiation suits are seen by Kick and Gunther carefully placing a can of the drink in a field. One of the men claims to the other that it "packs the power of 10,000 cans of the regular Cheetah Chug!". Kick and Gunther use this can to fuel an X-15 fighter jet.

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