Brad- "This. Ends. NOW!!!!"

Kick- "My stuff!"

Brad- "No fish in my room, dillweed! Unless they're the decaying fish sticks in my closet, which are off limits by the way, speaking of off limits... let's go over some... guidelines."

Brad- "Don't touch my bed, don't touch my clothes, don't touch my floor...and don't even LOOK at my ceiling! (Kick looks at the ceiling, Brad smacks him) I SAID DON'T LOOK AT IT!! This room is my carefully designed sanctuary. This bean bag chair, is sculpted to the Brad's posterior, these sheets, custom fitted to the Brad's sleeping habits, even my underwear pile, is perfect!"

Brad- "Stay out of my hair! In fact... (uses tape) There! Now stay on your side!"

Kick- "Fine by me."

Brad- "Fine by you? Ha Ha! Dillweed! I got the half with the door on it!"

Kick- "And I got a window, way cooler exit!"

Brad- "Nah. Well, I got, uh...Mold."

Kick- "Well, I got...this!" (sits on the chair)

Brad- "Hey! That's sculpted to my posterior!"

Kick- "Not anymore."

Brad- (looking in his drawer) "Well, I got...uh, uh...this broken yo-yo! Ooh, so sweet!"

Kick- "You go and enjoy that, Brad. Because I've got...this!" (he has the gum plaque)

Brad- "NO!! This is a raw deal! It's my room and my gum plaque! And this isn't fair! (he cries and runs to Kick's room) DAD!!!! DAAAAD!!! (pant) Kick! (pant) Room! (pant) I!" (wails)

Brad- "We're embracing in a brotherly fashion. Love you, brother."

Brad- "Don't be misbehaving! This is Brad's room, fool! Any questions, refer to the model".

Kick- "You're not getting a car, Brad! And if you don't let me out right now, you're gonna be sorry!"

Brad- "Ooh! What are you gonna do? Stunt me to death? (laughs) That car's as good as mine, and you're as good as horse meat if you even try to ruin it for me! Sleep tight!" (Kick is seen shocked as the lights go out, then he sighs)

Brad- "At last! My collection is complete! Or should I say, Gumplete? (looking at his room) I, I- What?"

Kick- "Hi, Roomie! I cleaned this whole place! Top to Bottom."

Brad- "Underwear Pile: Clean and neatly-folded! My Bean Bag Chair: Washed and Dis-infected! My Carpet: Pristine! My Ceiling: Looked at! My Diarama: You even updated it! I can't believe you did this!" (clenches his head with his hands, screaming in agony and distraught. He then fights Kick off-screenly, wrecking Brad's room in the process) "WHERE'S MY GUM COLLECTION?!?!"

Kick- "Oh, your plaque full of nasty chewed gum? Here it is. (Brad prepares to charge Kick and the plaque) Come and get it." (Brad rams his head at the wall, failing to charge at Brad and his gum plaque)

Kick- "My room. All to myself."

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