Kick- "Dad! I can explain!"

Harold- "No, Kick, I'LL do the explaining! You broke the Brotherly Law! AND NOW YOU FACE the punishment. (Harold carries Kick to his office)

Brad- (To Gunther) "You Boneheads! That diary is a fake! I used it to lure Kick into taking it so I can know what Dad's punishment would be. I been following you dopes around all day to catch you in the act. And to cap it all off, I switched Kick's secret stash with Brad Bucks and used the real money to buy that! (He points to a Tankini Lumberjacks Poster) A rare and valuable Tankini Lumberjacks poster! There's only one like it in the entire world! (He opens the door for Gunther, who leaves angrily) Now beat it, I've got oging to do! (he closes it and goes to his bed, looking at his poster while he hears banging from Kick's punishment) (sigh) Dillweed gets punished while the Brad gets off scot-free and scopes his new Tankini poster, the only thing that makes my life complete. (he hears a jet and the jet crashed, destroying the Tankini poster at the point) NOOOOOOO!!!!! (cut to Kick and Harold revealing that they were only banging pans and pretend to hurt Kick)

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