• Kendall calls Kick by his daredevil nickname for the first time.
  • Although he has a cameo appearance in "Dead Man's Drop", this episode marks Mouth's first major appearance in the series.
  • This episode marks the first speaking appearance of Rodney "Rock" Callahan, one of Kick's daredevil idols. In this episode he is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (although starting from "Mow Money" he is voiced by Dwight Howard).


  • When Pantsy takes the two kids in disguise outside, his 3-D glasses' colors swap sides for a split second.
  • Being the assistant manager wouldn't give Pantsy the power to kick out the clients out for only sneezing, not saying "please", whistling or dropping popcorn.
    • Also, he can't change the rules of the cinema without authorization.
    • Pantsy wouldn't have the right to call Kick and Mouth "loser".
    • In real life, people are allowed to drop popcorn without any problems.
  • Gunther's right hand is full of butter, but when he goes out of the cinema to advise Kick about Pantsy, the butter is gone.
  • When Pantsy catches Mouth, for a split second the colors on his 3-D glasses swap sides.
  • Gunther gets his right hand covered in butter because of the popcorn, but this is impossible because in real life the melted butter on the popcorn is absorbed by the corn.
  • After Kick goes out of the cinema mechanism, Gunther is spinning on the tape. The first times Gunther spins the time the tape span is one second. But the final time is three seconds.
  • At the beginning, a girl is taken out of the cinema by Pantsy. But later in the episode, the girl is inside the cinema again.
  • Gunther took off the cover of the popcorn machine, but in another scene, the popcorn machine has his cover on.
  • The pot of the popcorn machine is upside down when Gunther uses it as a gun.
  • Before the camera shows Kick and Gunther eating popcorn and soda in the cinema, Mouth and his green umbrella aren't beside Kick, Gunther and their blue umbrella.

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